MOE is a 2.2m high by 6.5m long, fully-serviced bar trailer equipped with:

  • A walk-in cool room, suitable for drink cooling and cold food storage

  • 150 litre chest freezer, capable of holding up to 15 x 5kg bags of ice

  • 1 internal and 4 external taps for keg beverages including beer, cider, wine, kombucha, cold brew coffee, pre-mixes or any other beverage supplied in a keg 

  • 3x100 litre service tubs for bottle beverages 

  • 150 litre water tank


MOE operates from a single domestic 12 amp power point, with the cool room reaching standard refrigeration temperature of 3 to 4 degres celsius within the hour (empty).


Every function is different and for this reason quotes are individualised. However, there are three key hire options available as detailed below. When requesting a quote it’s important to provide the following information for the event:

  1. Location

  2. Date

  3. Service time & duration

  4. Number of people


HIRE OPTION 1: The Main MOE – Bar hire and service staff

Our most popular form of hire. Ideal for weddings and functions on private properties.

MOE arrives all stylish, pulls into position, and within an hour of plugging in to a power point the bar is setup and the cool room is chilled ready to house your drinks.

Our friendly, fun loving MOE Team are then on hand to begin service from the bar. RSA trained and experienced in drinks service they’ll ensure guests are both safe and satisfied in their beverage consumption.

With this hire option the drinks, ice and glassware are all arranged by you, the hirer. We’re happy to put you in touch with our recommended contacts to make these arrangements.


HIRE OPTION 2: MOE Solo – bar hire only

This is a hire option specific to hospitality and events industry, or beverage producers themselves. MOE is available for hire for the purpose of drinks service at festivals and events. For instance, a brewery may opt to use MOE to serve their beers when exhibiting at a festival. This hire option comes at a day rate, and although service staff may not be required, a MOE team member will still deliver the bar, assist with set-up and pack down, and ensure due care is taken with the quality fixtures that make MOE so special.




Do you supply alcohol?

In our service to you we are more than happy to provide advice on drinks choices and quantities, but the purchase and supply of alcohol/drinks with need to be done by client themselves. We have a list of contact and recommended suppliers within the Margaret River region, especially if you wish to source directly from a local winery or craft brewery. Liquor stores locally also provide beverage packages that include delivery to site that the ability to return unopened cartons/cases. 

Do you supply glassware?

No, we leave this to the equipment hire professionals in the region who will not only deliver and collect the glassware, but allow you to return it unwashed. We will however assist in determining how much glassware you need and who to source it from.

Do you travel?

We are more than happy to travel throughout the Margaret River region and to neighbouring regions. All quotes forwarded to clients provide a delivery fee based on the return-trip kilometres travelled, starting from the Margaret River township. 

Are any permits/licences required? 

This is relevant to the location, type and size of the event, as well as whether alcohol will be supplied by you, us, or sold during the event. Ultimately determining and securing the appropriate permits/licences is up to the hirer, but we will assist as best as we can. 


Do you need power? 

Yes! MOE is designed to run off a single, domestic power point. Any off site venues that requires a generator will require further discussion and at the responsibility of the hirer.


​Can we use MOE’s cool room?

Sure! MOE can be used to cool beverages and store cold food on the day of your event. Beverages delivered warm can take 6 to 8 hours to chill to service temperature, in which case a full day hire will be included in the quote.


Can we style MOE?

Absolutely. We can even recommend someone to do it! MOE is a blank canvas, free any bold features or branding, and therefore able to be styled or branded to suit your event (within reason). Fixtures are available in specific locations from which items or signage may be hung, but nothing is to be stuck, glued, drilled or nailed to MOE’s beautiful cedar wood exterior.


What’s different about serving beverages from kegs?

Serving from kegs, or more correctly, drinking from kegs is often far more enjoyable for the consumer. Flavours can be fresher and more vibrant, and drinking from a glass offers greater pleasure than from a bottle or can. Drinks supplied by the keg can often be cheaper as they are free of packaging, though balanced by glassware hire.


We offer a keg service for the sense of luxury and additional enjoyment it provides. There is such a strong selection of producers, particularly breweries, in the Margaret River region that can supply by the keg in both 20L and 50L volumes.


However, keg service is a luxury as does come with some added expense relating to the set-up, gas supply and clean-up, all of which will be included in your quote.

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